Monday, June 20, 2011

New News

I cannot believe the school holidays are over so's like it only started yesterday!
Anyway, daddy's thinking of getting a dog. I am too! But a few people inthe family are not
that keen on having a dog.

1: a dog poops everywhere
around the house.

2:a dog will be very noisy
noisy as it barks a lot.

3:mum thinks I will only
play with the dog and not
take care of it.

What do u think?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Bullies

Have you ever got involved in a fight or tried stopping a real fight before? I had such an unpleasant experience two years ago…
Chirp! Chirp! The chirping of birds could be heard all around the lush, green park. I was whistling a happy tune as I rode on my new bicycle. My uncle had given it to me as a birthday present. Feeling as happy as a lark, I kept urging myself to go faster.
After my fifth round around the park, I saw something that made me gasp. Stopping my bicycle, I got off to take a closer look. Not far from where I stood, two boys were beating up another younger boy! I quickly got onto my bicycle and rode closer. I realized the two boys were the notorious school bullies. The boy they were beating up was a friend of my younger brother, Timothy. I was shocked. “ That’s not the way to treat other people! I have to do something, but what ….?” I though.
Taking a deep breath, I whipped out my phone and took a few photos of the fight. Then I started to advance towards them, trying to look as stern as possible. All of the sudden, I stop as an idea popped into my head. While walking towards the bullies, I gave Timothy a wink. Then I shouted at the bullies, “  What are u doing to my brother? Stop at once or I will tell my teacher about the both of you! The two of you are in big troubles!”
That did the trick. The bullies took off in the opposite direction. I slowly took out a tissue and handed to Timothy. “Are you alright? “ I asked. Timothy was still in the daze. Using the tissue to wipe his tear-stained face, he stammered, “  I …I’m alright. Thank you for helping me. The…the bullies though I …I stole their money.”
“It’s alright. Let’s go home first. I’m sure they wouldn’t be messing around anymore,“  I reassured  him.
Ever since that experience, I have never been afraid to speak in times of trouble. You should too!

The Briefcase

The sun shone brilliantly and the water in the pond glittered invitingly. Sam and Sally, two siblings were cycling around the park, they had plans for the day and it was starting out the wonderfully.  As they were cycling along, Sally suddenly stopped and turned her gaze to a rain tree, Sam also stopped. He asked   “ what’s wrong Sally?”  He followed her graze and saw a green   briefcase under the Rain tree.
Sam started edging closer and closer to the briefcase. Sally saw what Sam was doing but instead of following him, she step back. Sam starting to open the briefcase, Sally shouted, “ No! don’t do it!” However  , it was too late, she ducked behind a bush, feeling fearful.
Then, Sally heard Sam shouted, “ Hey Sally, you don’t have to be afraid. But you better come and take a look at what’s in here.“ Sally jogged towards Sam when she saw the stacks of money in the briefcase, her mouth opened but no words came out, Sam was equally dumbfounded.
“We have better call the police,” Sam finally said, whipping out his handphone.
Screech !   A police car pulled up by the rain tree. The car door opened and the policemen  was greeted by Sam and Sally, who began talking at the same time.  The policeman, who was called Richard, said  , “One at a time. Boy, tell me what happen.” Sam briefly explained what had happened earlier that day to Richard. Richard listened attentively and went to inspect the briefcase.
After a few minutes, the policeman identified it as the briefcase which was stolen from the bank the week before. “  Good work on finding the briefcase. Thanks to  you , the stolen money can be returned again, and we don’t have to worry anymore.” Richard said cheerfully. However , a line of worry  creased his forehead.  Frowning  , he sighed and said , “ But we still have to find out who stole the briefcase.” He picked up the briefcase, waved good bye, and sped towards the police station.
Sam and Sally experienced feelings of surprise, shock and happiness all at the same time.  It was their first time being involved in detective work and they were very excited. As they rode home that day, they could not stop thinking about the briefcase and the mystery behind it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Learning Journey to Chinatown

    Today ,my class and I went on a learning journey to Chinatown . Our teacher ,Ms Ng hired a tour guide for us. We visited the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple , the Sri Mariamman temple ,Thian Hock Keng Temple ,and a malay temple whose name i forgotten .After all that , the guide allowed us to shop around for souveniours. Daddy gave me $5. I spent some on a fan to put in the display cupboard at home, a small rabbit hugging a carrot keychain for mummy and 2 small magnets for myself . I sort of had not much money left for my sis and it was also time to go back up the bus. I'll buy something for her on the next trip. However, I heard we were going to the science centre on the next trip.Well.. i can wait!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Malaysia trip

                   Ok, I know i have not been updating my blog for a loooong... time. It's not my fault that I don't update it's because of my thousands of homework I have to do everyday. Right. Enough of this. Let's just get to the point.
                   We went to Malaysia quite a few times already. The one we went recently involved us getting wet in some hotsprings.There were also some slides there in the water . They were quite fun. I say "quite fun" is because... well... the entire pool was filled with dead insects floating on the water.Just hearinng makes me want to puke.
                  Then the fun part:the egg boiling activity.We bought some eggs and boiled them in one of the hotspring. Were they good? You should be able to know from the next sentence . Both my sis and me ate 2 eggs each.
                  We also went into a cave.  Daddy did not not go,which is too bad. He missed out so much fun. But he can't  go as he went to Shanghai.
                  The parts i like most were the hot springs, the cave, and the durians.Maybe we'll go to Malaysia again?(I'm NOT hoping. )

Saturday, January 8, 2011

 This year, my form teacher is Ms Georgina Ng.She is my science teacher as well as my Maths teacher.
 My english teacher is Mrs Jennifer Chan .In the school we read boooks by Roald Dahl for litarecy.
 We're now in the middle of 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. My favourite subject is English.(and recess.hehe):)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My New years Resolution

When my english teacher asked us to write a journal of our New Years resolution,
me and my friends were like,'Oh My Gosh,do we really have to??!''.
I have only2 resolutions this year:
1.At Least, Just Lose Some Weight!!!!!

2.Be Much Kinder to my sister......

Ok.That's all.